Il Caminetto

Hotel and Inn in Diano Marina

Il Caminetto is located in Sant'Anna, in a charming villa surrounded by greenery, in the center of Diano Marina, a few meters from the beach and the sea.
The area is known and renowned for its tranquility and the beauty of nature, in fact here the first bathing establishments were born. It is characterized by a pleasant microclimate, the natural beach of fine sand, not artificially reported, and for the seabed that slopes gently, particularly suitable for children and less experienced people.

The Hotel Restaurant Il Caminetto, located just 150 meters from the sea and as many from the resort center, will allow you to spend a pleasant stay without any need to move the car, conveniently parked in the hotel's private parking.
7 rooms and 2-star comfort: a modern inn equipped with all modern comforts, including free WiFi, air conditioning and bicycles for excursions.

But the real plus of this structure is certainly the restaurant, which has maintained since the early 60s the same ability to propose and make all guests enjoy a rich, varied, genuine cuisine, respectful of tradition, but always in step with the times.

At Il Caminetto the atmosphere is informal and thanks to the formulas Hotel or Bed and Breakfast you choose how to manage your stay.
Come to Diano Marina: your holiday will be worry-free!

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